Passwords at Your Fingertips

Store, manage and access all of your passwords in a single place. Automatic Password keeps your passwords accessible at all times by sticking a button to title bars of all windows right next to Minimize, Maximize and Close.

Automatic Password software to manage passwords on your PC

Visiting a password-protected Web page? You only need to enter a password once. Password Manager will memorize the password, and fill it in automatically the next time you visit that Web page. Don't like automatic form filling? Automatic Password allows single-click operation as well.

Instant Authentication

Identify yourself easily on password-protected resources by employing the various authentication methods offered by Automatic Password. Use a Master Password, Bluetooth or USB devices to lock and unlock the password database.

Various authentication methods in Automatic Password software

Wouldn't it be great to have your computer login automatically onto password-protected Web pages when you're around with your cell phone? If you don't have a cell phone, or if your computer does not have a Bluetooth receiver, use anything like your iPod, USB flash drive or Pocket PC to tell Automatic Password that you're around.

Store Passwords Securely

Your passwords are securely protected with strong encryption. Stored in a secure container, your passwords, personal and work information, all logins and passwords are automatically protected. No one can access your passwords but you! The secure storage can be only unlocked with your Master Password, and can't be accessed without it. For even stronger security, you can configure Automatic Password to lock up the password database automatically after a certain period of inactivity.

Your Passwords Travel with You

Like travelling? Bring your passwords with you! Password Manager runs from a USB memory drive just as conveniently as it does from the hard disk. Plug it in and enjoy the convenience of having all of your passwords. Pull it out and rest assured that no trace of your passwords is left on the guest computer.

Protect Your Passwords against Malware

Malicious software, Trojans and viruses attack thousands of computers every day. Protecting your personal information against spyware and unauthorized access is essential for your security. Automatic Password integrates the newest protection mechanism called Password Protector. The protection mechanism controls how other software accesses password fields, allowing you to restrict or forbid such access to prevent spyware from stealing sensitive information.

What else you should know

Automatic Password software is distributed on a Try Before You Buy basis. You can download and evaluate it absolutely free. The Evaluation Version will only work for a Trial Period (30 days).

If the password manager meets all your requirement and you decide to keep it after the Trial Period, you will need to purchase a Registration Key. See the ordering page for details.

Password manager software is licensed on a per computer basis. There is a large volume discount for multiple licenses.

Now you are ready to download software to your computer and test the program in your own way. If you have any questions about our software you can contact our support team directly.

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