Secure Storage for Your Passwords

Automatic Password provides ultimate piece of mind by applying the strongest encryption algorithms to protect your sensitive information. The passwords are stored securely in an encrypted database that is only accessible when you unlock it. As an added security measure, the password storage database can lock up after a period of inactivity.

Automatic Password manager is easy to use and secure software

Hands-Free Identification

Don't like entering your Master Password every so often? Unlock the password storage database automatically by authenticate yourself with various authentication methods. Automatic Password can unlock the password database if you enter your Master Password, if you approach your PC with a pre-defined Bluetooth device, or if you plug a pre-defined USB device such as an iPod, USB flash drive, Pocket PC or even digital camera.

Protect Your Identity

Thousands of spyware, viruses and other malware programs are hunting for your personal information. Automatic Password keeps you protected with the integrated Password Protector, an innovative access control mechanism that controls all attempts of other software to access password fields.

Travel with Your Passwords

Automatic Password keeps your passwords accessible even when you are on the go. Bring a USB memory drive with Automatic Password on it, and enjoy the same secure and convenient access on any PC that you plug the flash to. Remove the flash card, and Automatic Password leaves no trace of your passwords on that PC.

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